This painting is currently shipped to the professional studio that creates high resolution reproduction prints.  The photo above was taken on my cellphone outside with mockup frame and journal entry behind.


Pre-orders are now available at a 15% discount until prints are in house. 


Giclee Prints: Prints are available in paper, loose canvas or stretched canvas options.

Prints will be available in different sizes, if available. Wooden hanger frames are available for paper and loose canvas options. Floating frames are available for stretched canvas purchased.


Originals:  This is the rarest option available, and it comes with some special perks!

  • The original sketch(es) comes with the painting.

  • It includes a signed certificate of authenticity.

  • The painting will come in the wooden floating frame as displayed in the photos.

  • The full, unedited, corresponding journal entry is mounted inside the piece of artwork, typically peeking through a window cut into the piece of art.

Artist Proofs: Only five APs (three canvas, two paper) are available per piece of art. I plan to sell one canvas, one paper and keep one of each for myself. The last AP will be reserved for charitable purposes.

  • Only two APs are available for purchase.

  • It includes a signed certificate of authenticity noting AP status and limited numbering (1/5, etc.).


Limited Runs: Limited run paintings will be noted on the banner across the item in the shop. These prints and originals will be at a higher rate due to the limited status. All limited runs will be 300 or less prints for purchase. The limited run status will also be discussed in the product information.

  • Only 300 or less prints are available for purchase.

  • This includes a signed certificate of authenticity noting limited run status and limited numbering (4/250, etc.).


Art Sponsorship

In order to fulfill the mission of AdDAB, any piece of artwork where the original is still available is open for sponsorship. New pieces of art can also be created specifically for a sponsorship.


Sponsorships typically are for individuals or organizations that have a tie to mental health and wellness, and would like to raise awareness while fundraising for one of their favorite mental health non-profits. This furthers AdDAB’s mission to increase resources and awareness of mental wellness for our youth.

This unique partnership can earn the sponsor the original piece of art while promoting an individual, organization, the chosen non-profit and AdDAB.  Win-win-win-win.

# Two

$11.92 Regular Price
$10.13Sale Price


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