I am excited to offer Art Sponsorship as part of AdDAB’s mission. Any individual or organization may sponsor a piece of artwork.

We encourage potential sponsors to ensure that your network, followers, and promotional capability is sufficient to support the requirements below.

How the AdDAB Art Sponsorships work:

  • You will choose a piece of art where the original is still available for purchase. If no originals are available, you can join the waiting list and will be provided an original piece of art as soon as one becomes available.

  • The original piece of art will be placed on hold and will no longer be available for sale during your sponsorship period.

  • You will select the Mental Health/Wellness non-profit of your choice as the beneficiary of 25 percent of profits earned from your sponsored piece of art during your sponsorship period.

  • We will agree on a start date and your sponsorship will last for 60 days.

  • AdDAB, the benefiting not-for-profit (NFP), and the sponsor will all be encouraged to promote the fundraising initiative during the 60-day period.

  • At the end of 60 days, if more than 300 prints were sold, the sponsor will be gifted the original piece of art that was sponsored. 

  • If 300 prints were not sold, the original piece of art becomes available for a new sponsor with a new benefiting NFP of their choosing. 

  • At the end of 60 days, regardless of how many prints were sold, the benefiting NFP will be provided the funds earned for all sales of the sponsored art during the sponsorship period.

What You will Receive as a Sponsor:

  • Recognition and promotion as an individual or company supporting mental wellness and raising awareness.

  • Unique give-back opportunity with no cost (unless you choose to incorporate into your marketing) while contributing to your favorite mental health NFP.

  • Feature on the Sponsorship Page, providing an opportunity to display two photos and share 400 words about yourself or your business.

  • Featured blog post.

  • Inclusion in AdDAB’s social media posts and sharing.

  • If 300 prints or more are sold, you will be gifted the original piece you sponsored.

To begin the process, please submit a Sponsorship Application form.


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